Orchestral Works

Op. 1340As We Are Changed (2019) for Soprano, Tenor, SATB Chorus, and Chamber Orchestra
Op. 694Autumn Sun Canticle (2006) for Solo Trumpet and Orchestra
Op. 1191Be Ye Broken (2017) Fantasy for Organ, Strings, and Voices
Op. 538Beyond All Knowing (2003) for Chamber Orchestra
Op. 595Clarinet Concerto (2004) for Solo Clarinet and String Orchestra
Op. 110Concerto for Bass Saxophone and Strings (1999) for Solo Bass Saxophone and String Orchestra
Op. 692Concerto for Portatif Organ and Strings (2006) for Solo Portatif Organ and String Orchestra
Op. 233Concerto Grosso (2000) for Solo Group (flute, clarinet, horn, violin, cello) and Orchestra
Op. 928Concerto in modo antico (2011) for Recorder (Soprano/Tenor) and Strings
Op. 542Desiring the Solicitude of Rain (2003-04) for Solo Tenor and Chamber Orchestra
Op. 762Enchanted Tracings (Piano Concerto No. 2) (2008) for Solo Piano and Wind Ensemble
Op. 1137Epigram (in memoriam Steven Stucky) (2016) for Cello and Chamber Orchestra
Op. 763Fanfare for DGF (2008) for Orchestra
Op. 1138Fantasy and Jig (2016) for String Orchestra
Op. 1000Flax-Golden Tales (2013) for Storyteller and Chamber Orchestra
Op. 691Flute Concerto (2006) for Solo Flute and Orchestra
Op. 775Flying Machine (2008) for Orchestra
Op. 1009Folk Fantasies (2005/13) for Solo Violin, Percussion, and String Orchestra
Op. 952In Beauty Walking (2012) for Mezzo-Soprano and String Quintet or Orchestra
Op. 229Invocation (2000) for Solo Flute and String Orchestra
Op. 72Joy of Humankind: Brief Transport for Orchestra (1998) for Orchestra
Op. 662Just Now (2006) for SATB Chorus and Orchestra
Op. 247Leaves of Light (2001) for String Orchestra (young performers)
Op. 994Lilac Jubilee (2012) for Orchestra
Op. 1068Liminal (Symphony No. 4) (2014) for Orchestra
Op. 781Miacomet Dreaming (2008) for Orchestra
Op. 244Night Songs (2001) for Chamber Orchestra
Op. 521Orbital (2003) for Orchestra
Op. 1309Outside Voices (2018) for Solo Violin, Cello, and String Orchestra
Op. 1259Overture concertante (2018) for Organ and Strings (quartet, quintet, or orchestra)
Op. 649Piano Concerto (2005) for Solo Piano and Strings
Op. 652Pittsburgh Concerto (2005) for Orchestra
Op. 495Prayer of St. Ambrose (2003) for Flugelhorn and Organ (or Flugelhorn and String Orchestra)
Op. 1146Rain Songs (2016) for SATB Chorus and Orchestra
Op. 580Remembering Tomorrow: Trombone Concerto (2004) for Solo Trombone and Orchestra
Op. 1051Sagebrush Celebration (2014) for Orchestra
Op. 134Sea Findings (1999) for Solo Contrabass and Orchestra
Op. 811Shawkemo Dreaming (2009) for String Orchestra
Op. 1083Shoreline Rune (2014) for String Orchestra and Harp
Op. 263Silver Lagoons: Trumpet Concerto (2001) for Solo Trumpet and Orchestra
Op. 1010Sinfonia Concertante (2013) for Solo Violin and String Orchestra
Op. 307Songlines, Sun Dreaming (2001) for Orchestra
Op. 550Spectrum (2003-04) for Concerto-Cantata for Oboe, Chorus, and Chamber Orchestra
Op. 19Suite for Strings (1995) for String Orchestra (young performers)
Op. 574Symphony No. 2, “Litanies of Love and Rain” (2004) for Orchestra
Op. 650Symphony No. 3, “Ave Maris Stella” (2005) for Chamber Orchestra
Op. 1454Symphony No. 5 (2022) for Chamber Orchestra (with Voices)
Op. 484Symphony of Light (2003) for String Orchestra
Op. 838The Acts of the Apostles (2009) for Baritone, SATB Chorus, Congregation/Audience, and Chamber Orchestra
Op. 800The Revelations of Divine Love (Metaphors from Sea and Sky) (2009) for Soprano, Baritone, SATB Chorus, and Chamber Orchestra