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List of Works

Op. 1398Seams Like Fabric (2021) for Piano
Op. 1397Impromptu No. 2 (2021) for Piano
Op. 1396Impromptu No. 1 (2021) for Piano
Op. 1395Twilight Poems (2021) for Piano
Op. 1394Chorales for Howard (2021) for Piano
Op. 1393Suite in Three Movements (2021) for Harpsichord
Op. 1392Prelude on “Jesus, meine Zuversicht” (2021) for Organ
Op. 1391Two Nantucket Sketches (Set 2) (2021) for Organ
Op. 1390Bogurodzica — Quasi meditatio (2021) for Organ
Op. 1389Old North Musings (2021) for Organ
Op. 1388Remembrance (2021) for Organ
Op. 1387For Richard Diebenkorn (2021) for Organ
Op. 1386A Philosophy (2021) for Voice and Piano
Op. 1385Jubilee on “Foundation” (2021) for Organ
Op. 1384Paraphrase on “In paradisum” (2021) for Organ
Op. 1383Gratitude (2021) for Organ
Op. 1382Antique Navigation (2021) for Cimbalom
Op. 1381For Eva-Maria Houben (2021) for Piano
Op. 1380For Marti Epstein (2021) for Electric Guitar
Op. 1379Ricercare and Mantra (2021) for Keyboard
Op. 1378Evening Hymn (2021) for (Baroque) Oboe and Harpsichord
Op. 1377Every Day We Wake (2021) 3-part Canon
Op. 1376Variazioni sawiane (2021) for Organ
Op. 1375Ninna nanna Arianna (2021) for Keyboard
Op. 1374Memory Thread (2021) for Organ
Op. 1373In the Doorway (2021) for SATB Chorus and Piano
Op. 1372In memoriam Marian Sawa (2021) for Organ
Op. 1371Partita on “O Heiland, reiß die Himmel auf” (2021) for Organ
Op. 1370Night Wind (2021) for Vibraphone and Four Flowerpots (one player)
Op. 1369Kaleidoscope Bells (2021) for Organ
Op. 1368What Is Holy? (2020) for SATB Chorus and Organ
Op. 1367Festivo (2020) for Organ
Op. 1366Augustinus-Praeludium (2020) for Organ
Op. 1365Desert Marigold (2020) for Organ
Op. 1364Alborada (2020) for Organ
Op. 1363Legend of the Little Child (2020) for Unison Voices and Organ
Op. 1362A St. Patrick Silhouette (2020) for Organ (or Harmonium) (opt. pedal)
Op. 1361Troparion (2020) for Piano
Op. 1360Scherzetto: Die Nachtigall (2020) for Organ (manuals only)
Op. 1359Kaleidoscope Sky (2020) for Piano Trio
Op. 1358Preludio del ricordo (2020) for Organ
Op. 1357As strong as these stones, as fragile as these stones (2020) for Organ
Op. 1356Awake, Thou World-Filling Light! (2020) Toccata for Organ
Op. 1355Fenestral Nocturnes (2020) for Organ
Op. 1354Out of Small Beginnings (2020) for SATB Chorus and Organ
Op. 1353Two Aubades (2020) for Violin
Op. 1352Inside Voices (2020) for Electric Guitar and Organ
Op. 1351Sea Psalms (2020) for Organ
Op. 1350A Little Bit of Normal (2020) for Piano
Op. 1349Hidden Aria (2020) for Voice, Trumpet, and Piano (one performer)