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List of Works

Op. 1344Scherzetto (2019) for Flute and Organ
Op. 1343Gridwork (2019) for Taiko Drums, Marimba, and Organ
Op. 1342Fantasia canonica (2019) for Organ
Op. 1341The Shores of Light (2019) for Soprano and Organ
Op. 1340As We Are Changed (2019) for Soprano, Tenor, SATB Chorus, and Chamber Orchestra
Op. 1339Plymouth Soundings (2019) for Organ
Op. 1338Regen über dem Münster (2019) for Organ
Op. 1337Paulus-Praeludium (2019) for Organ
Op. 1336Pastorella acustica (2019) for Organ
Op. 1335Lighthouse Song (2019) for Organ
Op. 1334Tiento mixolítico (2019) for Organ
Op. 1333Easter Soundings (2019) for Organ
Op. 1332The Door (2019) for SATB Chorus, Oboe, and Piano
Op. 1331Fanfarria brillante (2019) for Organ
Op. 1330The Lighthouses (2019) for Organ
Op. 1329Ostinato Fanfare (2019) for Organ Duet (four hands, two feet)
Op. 1328Spire (2019) Mosaic for Organ
Op. 1327Cornet Voluntary (2019) for Organ
Op. 1326Preludio cambiente (2019) for Organ
Op. 1325Concerto per organo (2019) for Organ
Op. 1324The Mystic Trumpeter (2018) for Speaker, Trumpet, and Piano
Op. 1323Introduction and Toccata (2018) for Organ (pedal solo)
Op. 1322Fantasy on “Adeste fideles” (2018) for Organ
Op. 1321Meditation on “Es ist ein Ros” (2018) for Organ
Op. 1320The Baker’s Dozen (2018) Musical for Children
Op. 1319Christmas of the Witnesses (2018) for SATB Chorus and Organ
Op. 1318Two Orgelkids Pieces (2018) for Organ ("Do-organ"; Orgelkids project)
Op. 1317Little Praeludium in C (2018) for Organ ("Do-organ"; Orgelkids project)
Op. 1316The Remembering Earth (2018) for SATB Chorus and Organ
Op. 1315Ocean of Light (2018) for SATB Chorus and Organ
Op. 1314Moonlight (2018) for Glass Harmonica
Op. 1313The Forest for the Trees (2018) for Organ
Op. 1312Intermezzo (2018) for Organ
Op. 1311Day Sky Hymn (2018) for Organ
Op. 1310Night Sky Hymn (2018) for Organ
Op. 1309Outside Voices (2018) for Solo Violin, Cello, and String Orchestra
Op. 1308What Is Good (2018) for SATB Chorus Unaccompanied
Op. 1307River Ballad (2018) for Contrabass
Op. 1306Starfield (2018) Three Meditations for Organ
Op. 1305Musica da processione (2018) for Organ
Op. 1304Epistle Sonata (2018) for Flute and Organ
Op. 1303Lullaby (2018) for Organ
Op. 1302Rondino on G (2018) for Organ
Op. 1301Arioso cantabile (2018) for Organ
Op. 1300Ulmkreis (2018) for Organ
Op. 1299Toccata in E (2018) for Organ
Op. 1298Two Nantucket Sketches (2018) for Organ
Op. 1297Fanfara festiva (2018) for Organ
Op. 1296Exultate (2018) for Organ
Op. 1295The True Glory (2018) for SATB Chorus and Organ