Occasional Works

Op. 140380 Notes for Jack at 80 (2021) for Piano
Op. 841A Birthday Canon for Kevin (2009) 3-part Canon
Op. 815A Roodsong Variation (2009) for Piano
Op. 505Bell Mosaic (2003) for Piano
Op. 681Bells Beyond the Stars (2006) for Flute and Violin
Op. 969Epigraphs and Ephemera (2012–ongoing) for Various
Op. 1502Fingers and Paws (2022) for Piano (duet)
Op. 1069Frammento aforistico (2014) for Piano
Op. 356Intermezzo-Variations (2002) for Piano
Op. 199Jackson Flourish (2000) for Bugle and Organ
Op. 174Judy Arnold her Jubilee (1999) for Piano
Op. 202Lullaby for Morgan and Alyssa (2000) for Flute
Op. 114Processional Intrada (1999) for Piano
Op. 1497The Moon Walrus Carol (2022) for Voice(s)
Op. 1091Themes for Improvisation (2012-ongoing)