Works for Treble Chorus

Op. 1033A Blue Star (2013) for SSAA Voices Unaccompanied
Op. 816A Prayer Before Sleep (2009) for SSA Chorus and Flute
Op. 1539A Thanksgiving to God, for his House (2024) for Voice(s) and Organ
Op. 1062Aequam memento rebus (2014) 2-part Canon
Op. 1111Ave dulcissima Maria (2015) for SSA Voices Unaccompanied
Op. 209Botany (2000) for SSA Chorus and Piano
Op. 751Echoing Carols (2007) for 2-part Voices and 2-part Accompaniment (keyboard or other instruments)
Op. 1377Every Day We Wake (2021) 3-part Canon
Op. 1012From Your Heart (2013) 4-part Canon
Op. 910Give Me (2011) 4-part Canon
Op. 322Go Worship at Emmanuel’s Feet (2001) for Unison Chorus (opt. divisi) and Organ
Op. 958Golden Callings (2012) for SSAA Chorus Unaccompanied or SATB Chorus Unaccompanied
Op. 1103I Am Loved As I Love (2015) for 2-part Voices and Drone
Op. 739If Ye Love Me (2007) for SA Voices and Drone
Op. 765It Is I! (2008) for Unison (opt. 2-part) Treble Chorus and Organ
Op. 1164Jahreslosung 2017 (2016) 2-part Canon
Op. 743Jesus is Here! (2007) for 2-part Treble Chorus and Keyboard
Op. 334Jesus, Gift of God (2001) for 2-part Treble Chorus and Keyboard
Op. 909Kyrie (2011) for Unison Voices and Clarinet
Op. 941Leap into Love (2011) 3-part Canon
Op. 1363Legend of the Little Child (2020) for Unison Voices and Organ
Op. 1130Morning Star (2015) for SSA Voices and Piano
Op. 1201New Life Is Born Today! (Ostinato Alleluia) (2017) for Voices (Opt. Congregation) and Keyboard
Op. 1126Nowel: Owt of your slepe aryse (2015) for 3-part Voices (non-mixed) Unaccompanied
Op. 323Oh, Were I Like a Feathered Dove (2001) for Unison Chorus (opt. divisi) and Organ
Op. 1008One Word (2013) 3-part Canon
Op. 1510Research (2023) for SSAA Voices Unaccompanied
Op. 539Stories in the Stars (2003) for Children's Chorus (2-part) and Piano, with Opt. Narrator(s)
Op. 877The Appleton Amens (2007-10) for 2-part Non-mixed Voices (SA or TB) and 4-part Voices Unaccompanied
Op. 767The Appleton Motets (2008) for 2-part Voices (non-mixed) Unaccompanied
Op. 1107The Dawning Light (2015) for Eight Women's Voices
Op. 780The Sky Can Still Remember (2008) for SSAA Chorus and Organ
Op. 746There Is Much in the World (2007) for 2-part Treble Chorus and Keyboard
Op. 988Three Psalm Monodies (2012) for Vocal/Choral Monody
Op. 1167Verbum supernum prodiens (2016) for Voices (in three spatially-separated groups) and Organ