Solo Instrumental Works

Op. 458A Piccolo Celebration (2002) for Piccolo
Op. 970A Vision of the Tree of Life (2012) for Carillon
Op. 901Actaeon (Clausula IV) (2011) for Cello
Op. 627Ancient Airs (2005) for Soprano Saxophone
Op. 590Ancient Airs (2004) for Flute
Op. 1382Antique Navigation (2021) for Cimbalom
Op. 379As to the Sun (2002) for Alto Saxophone
Op. 829Beach Grass Elegy (2009) for Flute
Op. 933Bearing (2011) for Glockenspiel (Orchestra Bells)
Op. 563Beckoning Summer (2004) for Alto Saxophone
Op. 1406Betweens (2021) for Accordion (12 bass)
Op. 872Capriccio after Dickinson (2010) for Oboe
Op. 94Chanson d’Amour (1999) for Any Saxophone
Op. 630Cinq Croquis (2005) for Any Saxophone (young performers)
Op. 698Clausula (2006) for Cello
Op. 738Clausula II (2007) for Cello
Op. 748Clausula III (2007) for Cello
Op. 405Coatue Dreaming (2002) for Trumpet
Op. 162Codex (1999) for Contrabass
Op. 1088Conductus (2014) for Carillon
Op. 859Dawnflower (2010) for Reed Organ (Mason and Hamlin "Liszt")
Op. 1407Demonstrative Parrot (2021) for Accordion (24 bass)
Op. 501Distant Glittering Orbs (2003) for Alto Flute
Op. 191Dream Etudes (2000) for Clarinet
Op. 355Dream Etudes, Book III (2002) for Tuba
Op. 400Dream Etudes, Book IV (2002) for Oboe
Op. 793Endless Night (2008) for English Horn
Op. 259Evening Song (2001) for Trombone
Op. 984Fanfare for Hammerchord (2012) for Hammerchord
Op. 972Flashpoint (2012) for Violin
Op. 84Floopishness: Two Pieces for Clarinet Solo (1998) for Clarinet
Op. 567Four Sunsets (2004) for Clarinet
Op. 584Giant Colored Bird (2004) for Guitar
Op. 95Ideas: Short Etudes for Solo Oboe, Book II (1999) for Oboe
Op. 1517Illumination (2023) for Accordion (free bass)
Op. 556In the Absence of Your Ringing (2004) for Carillon
Op. 865In the Night Garden (2010) for Marimba
Op. 520Into One Crimson Flame (2003) for Bass Clarinet
Op. 103Kyrie (1999) for Trombone
Op. 721Lauda (2007) for Trombone
Op. 812Little Poppet (2009) for Trumpet
Op. 757Little Recorder Book (2008) for Alto (Treble) Recorder
Op. 250May Song (2001) for Bassoon
Op. 823Moon Dance (2009) for Soprano or Alto Saxophone
Op. 858Moonflower (2010) for Reed Organ (Mason and Hamlin "Liszt")
Op. 1314Moonlight (2018) for Glass Harmonica
Op. 733Mountains Like These (2007) for Vibraphone
Op. 299Music from Mayflower Hill (2001) for Trumpet
Op. 1449Night Paths (2022) for Synthesizer/Electronics
Op. 1370Night Wind (2021) for Vibraphone and Four Flowerpots (one player)