Opus 1010

Sinfonia Concertante (2013)

for Solo Violin and String Orchestra

  • Estampie
  • Aria
  • Echo Gigue (and Cadenza)
  • Ground (in memoriam Lee Hoiby)
  • Estampie da capo

Duration: 11 min.

Dedication: for Walter and Ronnie

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Sinfonia Concertante (2013) is dedicated to Walter Simmons and Ronnie Halperin. The five movements of the work draw primarily upon stylistic elements of medieval and Renaissance music, though viewed within a contemporary context. The title “Sinfonia” is used in one of its 17th century senses: a small collection of modest instrumental movements. The fourth movement, an expressive ground, remembers the American composer Lee Hoiby (1926–2011).