Opus 662

Just Now (2006)

for SATB Chorus and Orchestra

Text by Elizabeth Kirschner

Albany Pro Musica; David Griggs-Janower, conductor

Duration: 4.5 min.

Dedication: n honor of the 25th anniversary of Albany Pro Musica, David Griggs-Janower, Founding Director and Conductor

Commission: Commissioned by Albany Pro Musica in celebration of its 25th anniversary

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Cosmic joy
jumps up
says, surprise.
to surprise
while motes of light
freefall from
the sky’s mirage.
Let them seep
into your eyes-
see more
it’s there,
that spark alighting
on everyone’s tongue
so we can say
aspire to inspire
that little universe
opening in a star
just now

That star dreams
of golden apples
hanging in
autumnal orchards
where mist rises
like a sigh
that says,
take off the old life
and muse upon
the new one
musing into us
like music heard
from the far edge
of the ocean
where sea birds
ride currents
as should we
when we wake up
like floating flowers.

In the flyways
God cries out
to tell us
not to be unborn,
but to listen to
the odes of autumn
sing about
many golden riches:
golden gingko leaves,
golden pears,
golden shadows.

There’s a stirring
deep inside
over-ripe berries
and tender nuts.
There’s a happening
the notes harp upon
as they fall into
our hands
like a thousand
shining coins.

we are
the missing fragment
in the one leaf
God has kissed.
stay the way
the light shines
in the prism
of the soul.

There’s a stirring,
there’s a happening
that says forever
be mine
because the pain
will soon be over
while the happy times
draw near
drumming upon
the heart
just now

© Elizabeth Kirschner, 2005