Works for Piano

Op. 710Lyric Trio for Trumpet, Cello, and Piano (2007) for Trumpet, Cello, Piano
Op. 774Madaket Dreaming (2008) for Piano
Op. 771Madrigal (2008) for Piano
Op. 598Maker of the World (2004) for 2-part Chorus and Keyboard
Op. 700Moon Shards (2007) for Alto Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, Piano
Op. 1130Morning Star (2015) for SSA Voices and Piano
Op. 760Mountain Toccata (2008) for Piano
Op. 1419Music for a While (2021) for Piano
Op. 1151Near (Cantus IV) (2016) for Piano
Op. 179Netherlands Travelogue (1999) for Trumpet (young performers) and Piano
Op. 755New Dawn (2008) for Piano
Op. 1201New Life Is Born Today! (Ostinato Alleluia) (2017) for Voices (Opt. Congregation) and Keyboard
Op. 722Nine Preludes (2007) for Piano
Op. 1375Ninna nanna Arianna (2021) for Keyboard
Op. 1153Nocturne (2016) for Piano
Op. 891Nous voyons (after Arcadelt-Liszt) (2010) for Piano
Op. 1104O Freedom (2015) for SATB Chorus and Piano
Op. 744O Love That Will Not Let Me Go (2007) for 2-part Chorus and Keyboard
Op. 52Oakdale Sketchbook (1997) for Piano
Op. 14Obsession (1993) for Piano
Op. 246Of Ice and Silver Swans (2001) for Horn and Piano
Op. 384Of Songs and Swirls: Four Lyric Pieces (2002) for Soprano Saxophone and Piano
Op. 1134Owl Night (2016) for Organ or Piano
Op. 92Paradoxes: Sonata for Cello and Piano (1998) for Cello and Piano
Op. 1150Pastorale (E.M.M.) (2016) for Keyboard
Op. 649Piano Concerto (2005) for Solo Piano and Strings
Op. 410Polpis Dreaming (2002) for Contrabass Saxophone and Piano
Op. 626Polpis Dreaming (2005) for Contrabassoon and Piano
Op. 388Pooh’s Serenade (2002) for Bassoon, Cello, Piano
Op. 420Postcard Partita (2002) for Piano
Op. 1064Prelude, Fughetta, and Allegro (2014) for Keyboard
Op. 1145Preludio gioioso (2016) for Piano
Op. 114Processional Intrada (1999) for Piano
Op. 855Quartet for Piano and Strings (A Sea Liturgy) (2009) for Piano Quartet
Op. 1379Ricercare and Mantra (2021) for Keyboard
Op. 1014Ricercari (2013) for Keyboard
Op. 1128Rondeau Carol (2015) for Piano
Op. 1122Rondo estatico (2015) for Keyboard
Op. 1144Roses (2016) for SATB Chorus and Piano
Op. 615Rossini in the Kitchen (2005) Comic Monodrama in One Act
Op. 1124Ruhiger Lobgesang (2015) for SATB Chorus and Keyboard Instrument
Op. 1398Seams Like Fabric (2021) for Piano
Op. 466Seascape Passion: Midday Brightness (Third Piano Sonata) (2002) for Piano
Op. 629Seven Haiku (2005) for Voice and Piano
Op. 1427Shading (2016/21) for Piano
Op. 999Shadowbook (Three Songs in the Night) (2013) for Clarinet, Tuba, Piano
Op. 1423Shakespeare’s Faltering Friends (2021) for Piano
Op. 385Silent Prisms (2002) for Tenor Saxophone and Piano
Op. 1413Snow Music (2021) for Piano
Op. 50Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (1996, rev. 1997) for Clarinet and Piano