Works for Piano

Op. 140380 Notes for Jack at 80 (2021) for Piano
Op. 1350A Little Bit of Normal (2020) for Piano
Op. 36A Nantucket Prelude (1996) for Piano
Op. 818A New Vision (2009) for Piano
Op. 1482A Path Through the Rainfall (2022) for Piano
Op. 1386A Philosophy (2021) for Voice and Piano
Op. 883A Robertsbridge Estampie (2010) for Piano
Op. 815A Roodsong Variation (2009) for Piano
Op. 1409A Sheringham Seapine (2021) for Piano
Op. 876A Song for Ab and Pooh (2010) for Trumpet and Optional Improvising Piano
Op. 1183A Song of the Future (2017) for SATB Chorus and Piano
Op. 1426A Winter Notebook (2017/22) for Piano
Op. 1258Abyss (2018) for Bass Clarinet and Piano
Op. 1140Albumleaf for Dick and Judy Wagner (2016) for Piano
Op. 1399Almanack (2017) 76 Pieces for Piano or Other Keyboard Instruments
Op. 1133An Open Door (2016) for TBB (or TTB) Chorus Unaccompanied (or Opt. Piano)
Op. 270Antics (2001) for Oboe and Piano
Op. 478Aria: Yet Brighter Light (2002) for Piano
Op. 758Autumn Songs (2008) for Trumpet and Piano
Op. 656Autumn Sun Canticle (2005) for Trumpet and Piano
Op. 709Aux Tuileries (2006) for Voice and Piano
Op. 86Barnyard Episodes: Sonata for Contrabassoon and Piano (1998) for Contrabassoon and Piano
Op. 754Bear Mountain Fragments (2008) for Piano
Op. 440Bernini’s Angels (2002) for Two Pianos
Op. 87Biblicals: Concerto for Solo Piano in Five Movements (1998) for Piano
Op. 798Big Blue House (2008) for Flugelhorn and Piano
Op. 1532Blossom (2024) for Piano
Op. 209Botany (2000) for SSA Chorus and Piano
Op. 1411Calm Between the Storm (2021) for Piano
Op. 1039Cantilena (2013) for Piano
Op. 1102Cantique (2010/15) for Piano Trio
Op. 895Cantique (2010) for Violin and Piano
Op. 925Cantus I (2011) for Piano
Op. 932Cantus II (Into Unknowing Light) (2011) for Piano
Op. 1034Cantus III (2013) for Piano
Op. 776Cavatina (2008) for Viola and Piano
Op. 848Chasing the Moon Down (2009) for Mezzo-Soprano, Trumpet, Piano
Op. 169Chorale Preludes (1999) for Piano
Op. 1394Chorales for Howard (2021) for Piano
Op. 1430Christmas Cards (2000–08) for Piano
Op. 699Concert Piece: La Tricotea (2006) for Piano
Op. 802Coskata Dreaming (2008) for Bass Trombone and Piano
Op. 1533Cumulus (2024) for Piano
Op. 403Dances of the Holy Fool: Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2002) for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Op. 677December Song (2005) for Violin and Piano
Op. 1543Deleted Scene (2024) for Alto Horn and Piano
Op. 85Dentistry Music (1998) for Flute and Piano
Op. 185Divertimento (2000) for Contrabassoon and Piano or Tuba and Piano
Op. 253Dream Etudes, Book II (2001) for Piano
Op. 516Dream-Tombeau: Crucifixus (2003) for Piano