Works for Piano

Op. 592Two Wakefield Songs (2004) for Mezzo-Soprano, Clarinet, Piano
Op. 1488Veranda (2022) for Violin and Piano
Op. 404Voices of the Trumpet (2002) for Trumpet and Piano
Op. 854Voices that Cradle the Dawn (2009) for Trumpet and Piano
Op. 1401Watch This Drive (2021) for Piano
Op. 667Waxing and Waning (2005) for Baritone and Piano
Op. 609Welcome Wind (2005) for SAB Chorus and Piano
Op. 712Winter Sonatina (2007) for Piano
Op. 1551Wisteria (2024) for Piano and Toy Piano (one performer)
Op. 908Wondrous Love (2011) for SATB Chorus and Piano
Op. 935Yizkor (2011) for Piano