Opus 85

Dentistry Music (1998)

for Flute and Piano

  • Teeth Pulling Waltz
  • Toothbrush Nocturne
  • Dental Floss Tarantella

Duration: 3.75 min.

Dedication: for Robert B. Lockemeyer, D.D.S. and his office staff

Commission: Commissioned for the 25th anniversary of the St. Petersburg (Russia) Society of Dentists

Publisher: Conners Publications

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Dentistry Music (1998) is a light-hearted work in three movements.

The first movement, Tooth Pulling Waltz, is airy. The second movement, Toothbrush Nocturne, is slow and laid-back. The third movement, Dental Floss Tarantella, is a fast and wild dance bringing the work to a vigorous close.