Opus 405

Coatue Dreaming (2002)

for Trumpet

Duration: 4 min.

Dedication: for John Wallace

Commission: Commissioned by Richard Mason

Publisher: Musik Fabrik in "Into the Present Light: Hymn Tunes by Carson Cooman"

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Coatue Dreaming (2002) for solo trumpet was commissioned by Richard Mason. The work was written for and is dedicated to trumpeter John Wallace.

The title refers to Coatue, a “land spit” (quasi-peninsula) on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts separating Nantucket Harbor from Nantucket Sound. It is conceived as “open-air” music, “imagining” the trumpeter performing on the sand dunes of Coatue at night with the music echoing across Nantucket Harbor to the town on the other side.

The work explores ideas of transformative and developing melody. It has a rhapsodic and rhythmically fluid feeling throughout.