Opus 584

Giant Colored Bird (2004)

for Guitar

Duration: 6 min.

Dedication: for Karin Schaupp

Commission: Commissioned for Karin Schaupp

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Giant Colored Bird (2004) for solo guitar was written for and is dedicated to guitarist Karin Schaupp. It is inspired by her brilliant and creative playing of a wide range of guitar literature.

The title refers to a vivid mental image of a large, brilliantly colored bird in the wild: both flying and unfurling its wings, while looking out over a beautiful landscape. Giant Colored Bird is thus a joyous celebration of color and warmth.

Using the open strings of the guitar as a starting points for harmonic excursions, the piece is cast in three sections—two moderate tempo sections, surrounding a slower and grander section.