Opus 757

Little Recorder Book (2008)

for Alto (Treble) Recorder

  • Caprice
  • Song
  • Recitative
  • Intermezzo
  • Lament
  • Caprice II

Duration: 8.5 min.

Dedication: for John Turner

Commission: Commissioned for John Turner

Publisher: Forsyth Brothers Ltd. in "Pieces for Solo Recorder, Vol. 5"

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Little Recorder Book (2008) for solo alto (treble) recorder was written for and is dedicated to John Turner. The work is a set of six short pieces, which together explore transformations of basic rhythmic textures within a basically lyrical language.

Each piece sets up certain “traditional” rhythmic expectations that are continually subverted through unexpected displacements and movements in texture and harmony. The harmonic language of the work uses a series of extended modes, consistent within each movement.