Solo Instrumental Works

Op. 979Planctus III (2012) for Hammerchord
Op. 553Proclamation (2004) for Oboe
Op. 225Quicksilver: A Birthday Card for Berio (2000) for Flute
Op. 975Rhapsody on a Hungarian Folk Song (2012) for Cello
Op. 1307River Ballad (2018) for Contrabass
Op. 736River Song: Remembering Dennis Abelson (2007) for Horn
Op. 1043Saxoconne (2013) for Saxophone
Op. 689Shining Silhouette: Mt. Mansfield Sunset (2006) for Clarinet in Eb
Op. 524Silver Incantation (2003) for Bassoon
Op. 1055Solstice Prelude (2014) for Trumpet
Op. 1287Sommerlicht (2018) for Two Keyboard Instruments
Op. 613Sonata for Solo Violin (2005) for Violin
Op. 705Sonata in memoriam Daniel Pinkham (2007) for Flute
Op. 1092Sophronia Variations (2014) for Cello
Op. 976Suite for Hammerchord (2012) for Hammerchord
Op. 499Summer Song (2003) for Cello
Op. 463Sun Figment (2002) for Harp
Op. 833Surly Bonds (2009) for Drum Set
Op. 706The Doors in the Sky (2007) for Violin
Op. 919Three Ghazals for Harmonium (2011) for Harmonium
Op. 1142Tower Antiphonies (2016) for Chimes or Carillon
Op. 1281Trinity Chimes (2018) for Chimes or Carillon
Op. 632Trois Mélodies Modales (2005) for Flute (young performers)
Op. 305Tropes and Collects (2001) for Contrabass
Op. 523Turning Sunwards (2003) for Horn
Op. 1353Two Aubades (2020) for Violin
Op. 1179Two Memory Places (2014) for Bass Clef Instrument (Cello, Bassoon, Trombone, etc.)
Op. 210Two Parlor Pieces for Reed Organ (2000) for Reed Organ
Op. 577Two Preludes (2004) for Chimes or Carillon
Op. 844Two Tiny Trumpetudes (2009) for Trumpet
Op. 217Vigils (2000) for Violin
Op. 756Virelai (2008) for Violin
Op. 850Virelai II (2009) for Violin
Op. 832Windflower (2009) for Reed Organ (Mason and Hamlin "Liszt")
Op. 851Woodbury Sestina (2009) for Trumpet