Opus 901

Actaeon (Clausula IV) (2011)

for Cello

Olga Shutko, cello

Duration: 2 min.

Dedication: for Diana Golden

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Actaeon (Clausula IV) (2011) for solo cello was written for Diana Golden. It is the fourth work in a set of brief solo cello pieces that all explore the same musical material from different perspectives.

Clausula (noun, Latin) – an ornamented cadence especially in early Renaissance music

The work is flexible and lyric—gradually expanding and contracting its basic musical material within a passionate discourse.

The Greek myth of Actaeon has numerous variants. In the most well known version (as told by the poet Kallimachos/Καλλίμαχος), the goddess Artemis was bathing in the forest when the hunter Actaeon mistakenly came across her. Transfixed by her supernal beauty, he gaped, whereupon the goddess transformed him into a stag, lest he speak to anyone of what he had seen. The now-cervine  Actaeon was then torn to pieces by his hunting dogs. This piece does not attempt to portray the myth programmatically. Rather, it explores musically the transformed Actaeon’s internal emotional state following his encounter with the goddess.