List of Works

Op. 1206Piccola fantasia francescana (2017) for Organ
Op. 1205Diptych for New Life (2017) for Organ (or Harmonium) (opt. pedal)
Op. 1204San Andreas Suite (2017) for Organ
Op. 1201New Life Is Born Today! (Ostinato Alleluia) (2017) for Voices (Opt. Congregation) and Keyboard
Op. 1198Fantasy-Variations on Two Themes (2017) for Organ
Op. 1197Gebet (2017) for Organ
Op. 1196Kleine Arie (2017) for Organ
Op. 1195Intrada (after a Sorbian Melody) (2017) for Organ
Op. 1194Ciaccona angelica (2017) for Organ
Op. 1193Scherzo for the Flutes (2017) for Organ
Op. 1192Ciaccona sopra Salve Regina (2017) for Organ
Op. 1191Be Ye Broken (2017) Fantasy for Organ, Strings, and Voices
Op. 1190Triptych on a Sorbian Carol (2017) for Organ
Op. 1189Entrata festiva (2017) for Organ
Op. 1188Ostinato Diptych on a Sorbian Easter Chorale (2017) for Organ
Op. 1187Two Mantras (2017) for Organ
Op. 1186Fantasy on “Victimae paschali laudes” (2017) for Organ
Op. 1185Fantasia di collaborazione (2017) for Organ
Op. 1184Toccata, Aria, and Finale (2017) for Organ
Op. 1183A Song of the Future (2017) for SATB Chorus and Piano
Op. 1182Postludium (2017) for Organ
Op. 1181Cantio mystica (2017) for Organ
Op. 1180Concerto piccolo (in memoriam Eberhard Kraus) (2017) for Organ
Op. 1179Two Memory Places (2014) for Bass Clef Instrument (Cello, Bassoon, Trombone, etc.)
Op. 1178Sonatina for Winston (2016) for Cello and Piano
Op. 1176Ricercare in epidiatessaron (2016) for Organ
Op. 1175Preludio festivo (2016) for Organ
Op. 1174Preludio quasi eco (2016) for Organ
Op. 1173Preludio maestoso (2016) for Organ
Op. 1172Preludio con ostinato (2016) for Organ
Op. 1171Preludio staccato (2016) for Organ
Op. 1170Two Fantasias (2016) for Organ
Op. 1169Sketch No. 2 (2016) for Organ
Op. 1168Voluntary on “Bachofen” (2016) for Organ
Op. 1167Verbum supernum prodiens (2016) for Voices (in three spatially-separated groups) and Organ
Op. 1166Bells for Pauline (2016) for Chimes (Tubular) and Clarinet
Op. 1165Three Pastorales on a German Carol (2016) for Organ
Op. 1164Jahreslosung 2017 (2016) 2-part Canon
Op. 1163Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit (2016) for Baritone, Alto Recorder (or Flute), and Organ
Op. 1162Rondelet (2016) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1161Give All to Love (2016) for SATB Chorus and Organ
Op. 1160Sunset (2016) for Two Voices and Piano
Op. 1159Kennebunkport Suite (2016) for Organ
Op. 1158Moon Marked (2016) for Clarinet and Trumpet
Op. 1157Come, Let Us Go Again (2016) for SATB Chorus, Brass Quintet, Timpani, and Organ
Op. 1156Canto quieto (2016) for Organ (or Harmonium) (opt. pedal)
Op. 1155Sketch No. 1 (2016) for Organ
Op. 1154Rondino for St. Joseph (2016) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1153Nocturne (2016) for Piano
Op. 1152Exordium (2016) for Organ