List of Works

Op. 1436Somnium transiens (2022) for Organ
Op. 1435Gaudium (2022) for Organ
Op. 1434Cavatina romantica (2022) for Organ
Op. 1433Ulmer Spatzenmusik (2022) for Organ
Op. 1432Valediction (2022) for Organ
Op. 1431Overture to “Uncle Vanya” (2022) for Organ
Op. 1430Christmas Cards (2000–08) for Piano
Op. 1429Sorbian Prelude (2022) for Organ
Op. 1428Variations on “Aurelia” (2022) for Organ
Op. 1427Shading (2016/21) for Piano
Op. 1426A Winter Notebook (2017/22) for Piano
Op. 1425Inventions for Organ, Book 2 (2017/22) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1424Solos and Duos (2017) 34 Pieces for Any Instrument(s)
Op. 1423Shakespeare’s Faltering Friends (2021) for Piano
Op. 1422Subjunctive (2021) for Piano
Op. 1421The Ordinary Is Always Welcome (2021) for Piano
Op. 1420Voluntary on “Wie schön leuchtet” (2021) for Organ
Op. 1419Music for a While (2021) for Piano
Op. 1418Pastorella rustica (2021) for Organ
Op. 1417Forgotten Rainbow (2021) for Piano
Op. 1416Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (The Third Service) (2021) for SATB Chorus Unaccompanied
Op. 1415Preludio pastorale: Quem pastores laudavere (2021) for Organ
Op. 1414A Dream of Love (2021) for SATB Chorus and Organ
Op. 1413Snow Music (2021) for Piano
Op. 1412Episcopal Fanfare (2021) for Organ
Op. 1411Calm Between the Storm (2021) for Piano
Op. 1410Let the Morning Bring (2021) for SATB Chorus Unaccompanied
Op. 1409A Sheringham Seapine (2021) for Piano
Op. 1408For Marti Epstein (2021) for Piano
Op. 1407Demonstrative Parrot (2021) for Accordion (24 bass)
Op. 1406Betweens (2021) for Accordion (12 bass)
Op. 1405Quibble (2021) for Accordion (12 bass)
Op. 1404Kleine Sternmelodie (2021) for Organ (with celesta stop)
Op. 140380 Notes for Jack at 80 (2021) for Piano
Op. 1402The Shadow House (2021) for Piano
Op. 1401Watch This Drive (2021) for Piano
Op. 1400Ever Greener (2021) for Piano
Op. 1399Almanack (2017) 76 Pieces for Piano or Other Keyboard Instruments
Op. 1398Seams Like Fabric (2021) for Piano
Op. 1397Impromptu No. 2 (2021) for Piano
Op. 1396Impromptu No. 1 (2021) for Piano
Op. 1395Twilight Poems (2021) for Piano
Op. 1394Chorales for Howard (2021) for Piano
Op. 1393Suite in Three Movements (2021) for Harpsichord
Op. 1392Prelude on “Jesus, meine Zuversicht” (2021) for Organ
Op. 1391Two Nantucket Sketches (Set 2) (2021) for Organ
Op. 1390Bogurodzica — Quasi meditatio (2021) for Organ
Op. 1389Old North Musings (2021) for Organ
Op. 1388Remembrance (2021) for Organ
Op. 1387For Richard Diebenkorn (2021) for Organ