List of Works

Op. 1260Praeambulum festivum (2018) for Organ
Op. 1259Overture concertante (2018) for Organ and Strings (quartet, quintet, or orchestra)
Op. 1258Abyss (2018) for Bass Clarinet and Piano
Op. 1257Missa in incerto tempore (The Davison Mass) (2018) for SATB Chorus, Men's Chorus, and Two Organs (opt. One Organ)
Op. 1256Preghiera pastorale (2017) for Organ
Op. 1255Bryn Mawr Voluntary (2017) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1254Variations on a Theme of Haydn (2017) for Organ
Op. 1253Praeludium in festo S. Thomae apostoli (2017) for Organ (or Harmonium) (opt. pedal)
Op. 1252Gentle Joseph Heard a Warning (2017) for TTBB Chorus and Organ
Op. 1251Organ Symphony No. 3, “Portals” (2017) for Organ
Op. 1250Sketch No. 4, “Zephyr” (2017) for Organ
Op. 1249Canzone (2017) for Bassoon and Organ
Op. 1248Rhapsody in A (2017) for Organ
Op. 1247Suite in G (2017) for Organ
Op. 1246Suite in F (2017) for Organ
Op. 1245Postludium on Two Themes (2017) for Organ
Op. 1244Leuchtende-Musik (2017) for Baroque Trumpet and Organ
Op. 1243Praeludium in festo S. Philippi apostoli (2017) for Organ (or Harmonium) (opt. pedal)
Op. 1242Praeludium in festo S. Andreae apostoli (2017) for Organ (or Harmonium) (opt. pedal)
Op. 1241Cortège, Intermezzo, and Litany on the Joseph-Hymnus (2017) for Organ
Op. 1240Trilogy on B-A-C-H (2017) for Organ
Op. 1239Ostinato Postlude on a Motive of Andreas Willscher (2017) for Organ
Op. 1238Inventions for Organ, Book 1 (2017) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1237Rhapsody on a German Carol (2017) for Organ
Op. 1236Triptych in honorem Gustav Willscher (2017) for Organ
Op. 1235Two Elevations (2017) for Organ
Op. 1234Sonatina No. 4 (2017) for Organ
Op. 1233Voluntary on a Motet by Andreas Willscher (2017) for Organ
Op. 1232Three Sound-Poems after Paintings by Andreas Willscher (2017) for Organ
Op. 1231Hymns for Epistles, Series B (2017) Hymn Tunes
Op. 1230Three Autumn Sketches after a Watercolor by Maria Willscher (2017) for Organ
Op. 1229Carol Paraphrase on a Motive of Wilhelm Weismann (2017) for Organ
Op. 1228Pastorale on a Hymn by Andreas Willscher (2017) for Organ
Op. 1227Radegund Variations (2017) for Organ
Op. 1226Grow in Grace (2017) for SATB Chorus Unaccompanied
Op. 1224Organ Symphony No. 2 (2017) for Organ
Op. 1223Paraphrase on a Motive of Andreas Willscher (2017) for Organ
Op. 1222Tuba Tune (2017) for Organ
Op. 1221Gothic Processional (2017) for Organ
Op. 1220Eternal City (2017) Diptych for Organ
Op. 1219Quickening Clockwork (2017) for Organ Duet (four hands, two feet)
Op. 1218Celebration Fanfare (2017) for Organ
Op. 1217Invocazione brillante (2017) for Organ
Op. 1216Two Impressions (2017) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1215Ceremonial Suite (2017) for Organ
Op. 1214Concertino III (2017) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1213An Oasis Remembered (2017) for Organ
Op. 1212Variations on a Basque Noël (2017) for Organ
Op. 1211The Cloak with the Stars (2017) for Organ
Op. 1210Variations on a Theme of Andreas Willscher (2017) for Organ