Works for Piano

Op. 365Two Oates Miniatures (2002) for Voice and Piano1.5 min.

Text by Joyce Carol Oates

  • The Forbidden
  • Lost

Dedication: for Lena Murais

Commission: Commissioned by Lena Murais

Op. 213Two Psalms (2000) for Trumpet and Piano4 min.
  • Psalm 40
  • Psalm 66

Dedication: for Colby

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 228Two Seasonal Sketches (2000) for Clarinet and Piano3.25 min.
  • Autumn Song (for Kirke Mechem on his 75th birthday)
  • Summer Dance (for Robert)

Commission: Commissioned by Westhard Gerber

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 251Two Seasonal Sketches, Set II (2001) for Clarinet and Piano4 min.
  • Winter Aubade
  • Summer Serenade

Dedication: for Robert

Commission: Commissioned by the Broeker Fund for New Music

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 1045Two Shakespeare Settings (2013) for Baritone and Piano3 min.

Text by William Shakespeare

  • To Reason Thus
  • In the Winter’s Pale

Dedication: for Tom Lovering

Op. 201Two Vergil Songs (2000) for Voice and Piano3 min.

Text by Publius Vergilius Maro (in Latin)

  • Vere rosa
  • Ego haec

Dedication: for Ray Perez

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 592Two Wakefield Songs (2004) for Mezzo-Soprano, Clarinet, Piano5 min.

Text by Kathleen Wakefield

  • After Looking at Bruegel
  • Why Does the Bee Fly into the Little Iron Pagoda in the Garden?

Dedication: for Helen Karloski and Angela Occhionero

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 404Voices of the Trumpet (2002) for Trumpet and Piano7 min.
  • Prelude
  • Aria
  • Rondino

Dedication: for Colby

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 854Voices that Cradle the Dawn (2009) for Trumpet and Piano4.5 min.

Dedication: for Ronald and Avis Romm

Commission: Commissioned by Colby Cooman for Ronald and Avis Romm

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 667Waxing and Waning (2005) for Baritone and Piano6 min.

Text by Elizabeth Kirschner

  • Humming Softly (for Marisa on her 23rd birthday)
  • Wake Up (for Gwyneth Walker)
  • Finale (for Joshua K. Copeland)

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 609Welcome Wind (2005) for SAB Chorus and Piano3 min.

Text by Virginia Hamilton Adair

The Composers' Choir; Daniel Shaw, conductor

Dedication: for Jason Iannuzzi and the Winchester Thurston Upper School Chorus

Commission: Commissioned by Carnegie Mellon Community Outreach Program

Publisher: Zimbel Press/Subito Music Corp.

Op. 712Winter Sonatina (2007) for Piano5 min.
  • Morning Song
  • Snow Ritual
  • Bright November Day

Dedication: for Marvin and Beata

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 908Wondrous Love (2011) for SATB Chorus and Piano3.75 min.

setting of the tune WONDROUS LOVE from W. Walker’s Southern Harmony

Text attributed to William Means

Matthew Curtis/Choral Tracks LLC

Dedication: for Taylor Lewis Guthrie and John Blair Hartman III on their wedding day, March 26, 2011

Commission: Commissioned by Christian Lane

Publisher: St. James Music Press

Op. 935Yizkor (2011) for Piano4 min.

Dedication: for Jeff and Beth Grossman, in memory of Hugo and Irene Feingold

Publisher: Musik Fabrik