Works for Piano

Op. 168For Gwyneth (1999) for Piano2 min.

Dedication: for Gwyneth Walker

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 620Fourth Piano Sonata (2005) for Piano13 min.
  • Mourning at Sunset
  • Beyond Distant Echoes
  • Whispers of Mortality

Dedication: for Donna Amato

Commission: Commissioned for Donna Amato

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 1069Frammento aforistico (2014) for Piano1 min.

Dedication: for Marc-André Roberge

Op. 625Frequent Flyer (2005) for Alto Saxophone, Marimba, Piano5.5 min.

Dedication: for Fireworks

Commission: Commissioned for Fireworks and the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 184Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear (2000) for Clarinet, Trumpet, Xylophone, Piano4 min.

Dedication: for Stephen Lias and the Kilgore College New Music Ensemble

Commission: Commissioned by the Kilgore College New Music Ensemble

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 320God Spoke With Varied Voices (2001) for SATB Chorus and Piano4.5 min.

Text by John Core

Dedication: for Daniel Allen and the Hills Alive Chorale

Commission: Commissioned by Daniel Allen and the Hills Alive Chorale for Christmas In Our Town, 2001

Publisher: Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc.

Op. 254Goggles (1999-2001) for Alto Saxophone and Piano2 min.

Paul Wehage, saxophone; Moyuru Maeda, piano

Dedication: for Yoshiro Fujita

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 723Gold into Diamonds (2007) for Voice and Piano10 min.

Text by Rebecca Forsythe

  • So Long an Oak
  • Stranger in Egypt
  • Ballad
  • The Lace of Poetry

Dedication: Commissioned by Amanda Forsythe in honor of the birthday of her mother, Rebecca Forsythe

Commission: Commissioned by Amanda Forsythe

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 165Hallelujah Shout (1999) for Piano Duet (one piano, four hands)2.25 min.

Dedication: for Timothy and Nancy LeRoi Nickel

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 572Horn Trio (2004) for Violin, Horn, Piano20 min.

Penny Thompson Kruse, violin; Andrew Pelletier, horn; Shiau-uen Ding, piano

Dedication: for Joseph Pehrson and Patrick Hardish

Commission: Commissioned by Harrison Nelson for Composers Concordance

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 810In memoriam George Perle (2009) for Soprano and Piano2 min.

Text by Elizabeth Kirschner

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Dedication: for the New York Miniaturist Ensemble

Publisher: free download

Op. 390In the Fire of Images: Three Etudes (2002) for Alto Saxophone and Piano5.5 min.
  • Capriccio
  • Cortege
  • Catastrophe

Dedication: for Paul Wehage

Commission: Commissioned by Maurice and Amy Katz for Paul Wehage

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 543In the Light (2004) for Piano and Organ4 min.

Dedication: for Duo Majoya

Commission: Commissioned for Duo Majoya

Publisher: Selah Publishing Co., Inc.

Op. 896Irreversible Heart (2010) for Soprano, Violin, Piano9 min.

Text by Jane Hirshfield

Christine Howlett, soprano; Patrick Wood Uribe, violin; Holly Chatham, piano

Dedication: for Christine Howlett and the Chatham-Wood Duo

Commission: Commissioned by Christine Howlett

Op. 743Jesus is Here! (2007) for 2-part Treble Chorus and Keyboard2 min.

Text by the composer

St. James Singers

Dedication: for Hazel Somerville

Commission: Commissioned by St. James Music Press

Publisher: St. James Music Press

Op. 334Jesus, Gift of God (2001) for 2-part Treble Chorus and Keyboard1.5 min.

Text by Richard Leach

The Singing Girls of Texas; Mark Stamper, conductor

Dedication: for M.W.G.

Commission: Commissioned by the Noteworthy Voices for Christmas Celebration 2001

Publisher: Selah Publishing Co., Inc.

Op. 174Judy Arnold her Jubilee (1999) for Piano4.5 min.

Dedication: for Judy Arnold and twenty-five years of managing Max

Op. 633Kahlenberg (2005) for Piano (young performers)3 min.

Dedication: for Elisabeth Carolyn Parker

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 63Kayser Variations (1997) for Piano6 min.

Dedication: for Margaret Kayser

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 243Lairs of Flavor (2001) for Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano6 min.
  • Peach
  • Watermelon
  • Lemon

Jon Russell, clarinet; Zhalissa Clarke, violin; Geoffrey Werner-Allen, cello; Lembit Beecher, piano; Anthony Cheung, conductor

Dedication: in memory of Robert Paul Block

Commission: Commissioned by WHRB Radio

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 863Lamentoso (2010) for Trumpet and Piano4.5 min.

Dedication: for Luca Antonucci and Lois Shapiro

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 753Lingering, Lonely Callings (2004-05) for Voice and Piano20 min.

Text by Elizabeth Kirschner

Amanda Forsythe, soprano; Jeffrey Grossman, piano

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 806Lullaby (after Rameau) (2009) for Piano3.5 min.

Dedication: for Goldie, Marilyn, and George

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 591Lyric Pieces (2004) for Clarinet and Piano14 min.

Angela Occhionero, clarinet and Donna Amato, piano

Dedication: for Angela Occhionero

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 710Lyric Trio for Trumpet, Cello, and Piano (2007) for Trumpet, Cello, Piano19 min.
  • Red Darkness
  • The Thousand Candles
  • Windswept
  • Whispering Wings
  • Towards Light
  • Let Evening Come

Dedication: for Colby Cooman, Chris Gekker, and the Orenunn Trio

Commission: Commissioned by The Commission Project

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 774Madaket Dreaming (2008) for Piano6 min.

Dedication: for Max Lifchitz

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 771Madrigal (2008) for Piano3.5 min.

Dedication: for Jeff

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 598Maker of the World (2004) for 2-part Chorus and Keyboard
based on NEW DISCIPLES by Alfred V. Fedak
2.5 min.

based on the hymn tune NEW DISCPLES by Alfred V. Fedak

Text by Richard Leach

Dedication: for David Schaap and Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Publisher: Selah Publishing Co., Inc.

Op. 700Moon Shards (2007) for Alto Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, Piano14 min.

IHS Ensemble

Dedication: for Andrew Pelletier

Commission: Commissioned by and dedicated to Andrew Pelletier, funded in part by the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music at the College of Musical Arts of Bowling Green State University and the Meir Rimon Commissioning Assistance Program of the International Horn Society.

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 1130Morning Star (2015) for SSA Voices and Piano3 min.

Text from the tomb inscription of the Venerable Bede

Aire Born Singers; Max Murphy, conductor

Dedication: for Nancy Menk

Commission: Commissioned by Heritage Music Press

Publisher: Heritage Music Press

Op. 760Mountain Toccata (2008) for Piano3 min.

Dedication: for Jeffrey Grossman

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 1151Near (Cantus IV) (2016) for Piano6.5 min.

Dedication: for David Lang at 60

Commission: Commissioned by Mary Bainbridge for the Noonday Concert Series

Publisher: Soundspells Productions

Op. 179Netherlands Travelogue (1999) for Trumpet (young performers) and Piano4 min.
  • Shipping Yards at Rotterdam
  • New Church at Delft
  • Market at Dordrecht
  • Windmill Waltz
  • Train Trek

Dedication: for Colby

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 755New Dawn (2008) for Piano2 min.

Dedication: in memory of John Monroe Holtman

Publisher: Musik Fabrik in "Three Piano Pieces"

Op. 1201New Life Is Born Today! (Ostinato Alleluia) (2017) for Voices (Opt. Congregation) and Keyboard2 min.

Text by Matthew F. Burt

Dedication: for Margot Ren Burt-Chung, on her birthday, March 19, 2017

Op. 722Nine Preludes (2007) for Piano26 min.
  • (Flowing)
  • (Fast, nimble)
  • (Funereal) (in memoriam Donald Martino)
  • (Dancing)
  • (Distant, echoing) (for Richard and Dee Wilson)
  • (Moderate, singing, with humor) (for Michael Finnissy)
  • (Slow, very lyrical)
  • (March)
  • (Envoi: Very slow, from afar)

Dedication: for Marilyn Nonken

Commission: Commissioned by Richard Mason

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 891Nous voyons (after Arcadelt-Liszt) (2010) for Piano1 min.

Shiau-uen Ding, piano

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Dedication: for Shiau-uen Ding and the Vox Novus “Liszt Bicentennial Bash”

Publisher: free download

Op. 1104O Freedom (2015) for SATB Chorus and Piano3 min.

Text by William C. Brackett

The Composers' Choir; Daniel Shaw, conductor

Dedication: for Marisa Green and the Peddie Singers

Op. 744O Love That Will Not Let Me Go (2007) for 2-part Chorus and Keyboard1.5 min.

Text by George Matheson

St. James Singers

Dedication: for Mark Schweizer

Commission: Commissioned by St. James Music Press

Publisher: St. James Music Press

Op. 52Oakdale Sketchbook (1997) for Piano10 min.
  • Cake
  • Joggers
  • The Raccoon
  • The Dog
  • To Temple
  • Squirrels
  • Rainstorm
  • Gnawing Woodchucks
  • Trees
  • Traffic

Dedication: for Colby

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 14Obsession (1993) for Piano2 min.
Op. 246Of Ice and Silver Swans (2001) for Horn and Piano3.5 min.

Hazel Dean Davis, horn; Carson Cooman, piano

Dedication: for Hazel Dean Davis

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 384Of Songs and Swirls: Four Lyric Pieces (2002) for Soprano Saxophone and Piano6.5 min.
  • Harvest Song
  • River Music
  • Snow Ritual
  • Ocean Cascade

Dedication: for Paul Wehage and Moyuru Maeda

Commission: Commissioned by Maurice and Amy Katz for Paul Wehage and Moyuru Maeda

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 1134Owl Night (2016) for Organ or Piano8-20 min.

Erik Simmons, organ

Dedication: for Eva-Maria Houben

Op. 92Paradoxes: Sonata for Cello and Piano (1998) for Cello and Piano12.5 min.

Josh Packard, cello; Travis Schedler, piano

Dedication: for Larry Kludge

Commission: Commissioned by Larry Kludge

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 1150Pastorale (E.M.M.) (2016) for Keyboard3.25 min.

Erik Simmons, organ

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Dedication: for Rosalind Mohnsen, in memory of her mother

Publisher: free download

Op. 649Piano Concerto (2005) for Solo Piano and Strings
(quintet or orchestra)
9 min.

Dedication: for Symphonic Underground, in celebration of the Mozart Year 2006

Commission: Commissioned by Symphonic Underground

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 626Polpis Dreaming (2005) for Contrabassoon and Piano7.25 min.

Dedication: for Henry Skolnick

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 410Polpis Dreaming (2002) for Contrabass Saxophone and Piano7.25 min.

Jay C. Easton, contrabass saxophone; Loie Flood, piano

Dedication: for Jay C. Easton

Commission: Commissioned for Jay C. Easton

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 388Pooh’s Serenade (2002) for Bassoon, Cello, Piano5 min.
  • Cloud Song
  • Bear Song

Dedication: for Lembit Beecher

Commission: Commissioned by hrCME for Arts First

Publisher: Musik Fabrik