Opus 1436

Somnium transiens (2022)

for Organ

Carson Cooman, organ

Erik Simmons, organ

Duration: 5 min.

Dedication: for Benjamin Righetti

Publisher: SMP Press

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Somnium transiens (2021) is dedicated to Benjamin Righetti. The Latin title means “Passing Dream.”

The piece was originally conceived for a historic organ in an unequal temperament (including meantone temperament). An early Italian instrument, single-manual with coupled pedal (with or without 16’), and with a typically characterful Principal 8’, would be most ideal.

However, it is certainly possible to play the work on other kinds of organs or with equal temperament. On instruments with a voicing style that does not have a strong and characterful Principal 8’, adding a Principal 4’ or Flute 4’ to the basic color may be necessary to produce the right effect. On some organs, a quiet 16’ stop will likely also be beneficial to add to the pedal. In this context, a suggestion is also made near the end to use a solo color for a rising line.