Opus 625

Frequent Flyer (2005)

for Alto Saxophone, Marimba, Piano

Duration: 5.5 min.

Dedication: for Fireworks

Commission: Commissioned for Fireworks and the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Frequent Flyer (2005) for alto saxophone, marimba, and piano was written for the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium and Fireworks, the festival ensemble-in-residence.

The principal material for the work is presented in the opening fast and aggressive ritornello, which returns throughout the work between other sections. Every time it reappears, its “orchestration” is changed slightly.

Between the ritornelli, variations of contrasting character are presented, based on the principal material. The work has an overall fast-slow-fast shape, generally maintaining a “flying” energy throughout.