List of Works

Op. 263Silver Lagoons: Trumpet Concerto (2001) for Solo Trumpet and Orchestra
Op. 260Offertories for the Church Year (2001) for Organ
Op. 259Evening Song (2001) for Trombone
Op. 257Midsummer Songs (2001) for Tuba Quartet
Op. 256Prophesies (2001) for Trumpet and Organ
Op. 255Sunburst (2001) for Organ
Op. 254Goggles (1999-2001) for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Op. 253Dream Etudes, Book II (2001) for Piano
Op. 252Exaltations (2001) for Organ
Op. 251Two Seasonal Sketches, Set II (2001) for Clarinet and Piano
Op. 250May Song (2001) for Bassoon
Op. 249Twilight Undulations (2001) for Organ
Op. 247Leaves of Light (2001) for String Orchestra (young performers)
Op. 246Of Ice and Silver Swans (2001) for Horn and Piano
Op. 244Night Songs (2001) for Chamber Orchestra
Op. 243Lairs of Flavor (2001) for Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano
Op. 242Concertino for Three (2001) for Flute, Oboe, Bassoon
Op. 241Zest: Fanfare for Orchestra (2001) for Orchestra
Op. 240Trenton Quintet (2001) for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano
Op. 239Prayers (2001) for Guitar and Organ
Op. 235Viewpoints (2001) for Three Flutes
Op. 234Who Stole the Queen’s Tarts? (2000) Musical for Children
Op. 233Concerto Grosso (2000) for Solo Group (flute, clarinet, horn, violin, cello) and Orchestra
Op. 232Invocation (2000) for Alto Flute and Organ
Op. 231Invocation, Aria, and Toccata on “Slane” (2001) for Organ
Op. 230Meditation on “Wondrous Love” (2000) for Trumpet and Organ
Op. 229Invocation (2000) for Solo Flute and String Orchestra
Op. 228Two Seasonal Sketches (2000) for Clarinet and Piano
Op. 227The Eternal Dove (2000) for SATB Chorus Unaccompanied
Op. 226Prelude on “O Sacred Head” (2000) for Organ
Op. 225Quicksilver: A Birthday Card for Berio (2000) for Flute
Op. 224Tarantella Demente (2000) for Organ Duet (four hands, four feet)
Op. 223On Lofty Places (2000) for Organ
Op. 222In Thanks of Life (2000) for SATB Chorus Unaccompanied
Op. 219Therefore Let Us Keep the Feast (2000) for Contrabassoon and Organ
Op. 217Vigils (2000) for Violin
Op. 216Variations on “Jesu, Dulcia Memoria” (2000) for Organ
Op. 215Gallery Music (2000) for Organ
Op. 214This Life-Long Gift of Praise (2000) for Organ
Op. 213Two Psalms (2000) for Trumpet and Piano
Op. 212Tide of Angels (2000) for SATB Chorus and Organ
Op. 211Toccata on “Lasst uns erfreuen” (2000, rev. 2017) for Organ
Op. 210Two Parlor Pieces for Reed Organ (2000) for Reed Organ
Op. 209Botany (2000) for SSA Chorus and Piano
Op. 208Fantasia on American Hymns (1999-2000) for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Op. 206Pentecost Compline (2000) for Bass Recorder and Organ
Op. 205Water Music (2000) for Organ
Op. 204Gospel Reflection on “Blessed Assurance” (2000) for Organ
Op. 202Lullaby for Morgan and Alyssa (2000) for Flute
Op. 201Two Vergil Songs (2000) for Voice and Piano