List of Works

Op. 195Equinox Dances (2000) for Piano Trio
Op. 193Light in the Morning (Third String Quartet) (2000) for String Quartet
Op. 191Dream Etudes (2000) for Clarinet
Op. 189Dawn Liturgies (2000) for Organ
Op. 188What’s the Scoop? (1999-2000) Musical for Children
Op. 186Romanza (2000) for Organ
Op. 185Divertimento (2000) for Contrabassoon and Piano or Tuba and Piano
Op. 184Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear (2000) for Clarinet, Trumpet, Xylophone, Piano
Op. 182When the Morning Stars Began to Sing (2000) for Organ
Op. 180Three Passiontide Motets (1999, rev. 2001) for SATB Chorus Unaccompanied
Op. 179Netherlands Travelogue (1999) for Trumpet (young performers) and Piano
Op. 175Quintet for Trumpet and Strings (1999) for Trumpet and String Quartet
Op. 174Judy Arnold her Jubilee (1999) for Piano
Op. 173Organbook I (Pieces for Manuals) (1999, rev. 2001) for Organ (manuals only)
Op. 172Two for Redemption (1999) for Organ
Op. 171Two for Pentecost (1999) for Organ
Op. 170Three Chorale Preludes (1999) for Organ
Op. 169Chorale Preludes (1999) for Piano
Op. 168For Gwyneth (1999) for Piano
Op. 165Hallelujah Shout (1999) for Piano Duet (one piano, four hands)
Op. 163The Great Wilno (1999) for Solo Piano and Wind Ensemble
Op. 162Codex (1999) for Contrabass
Op. 161In the Beginning Was the Word (1999, rev. 2003) for SATB Chorus and Organ
Op. 158O rubor sanguinis (1999) for SATB Chorus Unaccompanied
Op. 154Crucifixus (1999) for Clarinet and Organ
Op. 153Lagniappe (1999) for Three Violins and Cello or String Quartet (arr. 2000)
Op. 151Sonata for Brass Choir (1999) for Brass Choir (3 Trumpets [1 C/2 Bb], 3 Horns, 2 Trombones, Tuba)
Op. 150Fantasy on “Valmai” (1999) for Organ
Op. 149Triptych (1999) for Piano Duet (one piano, four hands)
Op. 144Trinity Matins (1999) for Organ
Op. 140Sonata da Chiesa (1999, rev. 2001) for Organ
Op. 137Ascendit in Caelum (1999, rev. 2002) for Violin and Organ
Op. 135King Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream (1999) for Organ
Op. 134Sea Findings (1999) for Solo Contrabass and Orchestra
Op. 122Plainsong Variations (1999) for Cello
Op. 121Sonata for Violin and Piano (1999, rev. 2001) for Violin and Piano
Op. 120Two Catullus Songs (1999) for Voice and Piano
Op. 118Haec Aeterna (1999) for Organ
Op. 117Three Voluntaries (1999) for Organ
Op. 114Processional Intrada (1999) for Piano
Op. 110Concerto for Bass Saxophone and Strings (1999) for Solo Bass Saxophone and String Orchestra
Op. 109Prelude and Rondino on “Herzliebster Jesu” (1999) for Organ
Op. 108Missa Ecclesiastica (1999) for Organ
Op. 103Kyrie (1999) for Trombone
Op. 101Triptych for Harpsichord (1999) for Harpsichord
Op. 99Forgotten Runes (1999) for Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano
Op. 95Ideas: Short Etudes for Solo Oboe, Book II (1999) for Oboe
Op. 94Chanson d’Amour (1999) for Any Saxophone
Op. 92Paradoxes: Sonata for Cello and Piano (1998) for Cello and Piano
Op. 88“Grace” Toccata (1998) for Organ