Works for Flute

Op. 458A Piccolo Celebration (2002) for Piccolo
Op. 816A Prayer Before Sleep (2009) for SSA Chorus and Flute
Op. 590Ancient Airs (2004) for Flute
Op. 829Beach Grass Elegy (2009) for Flute
Op. 681Bells Beyond the Stars (2006) for Flute and Violin
Op. 399Blue Glimmers (2002) for Flute, Clarinet, Contrabass
Op. 324Brightnesses (2001) for Flute and Organ
Op. 452Canticle: Mosaic in Remembrance and Hope (2002) for SATB Chorus and Flute
Op. 242Concertino for Three (2001) for Flute, Oboe, Bassoon
Op. 610Dawn Rituals (2005) for Flute Quartet
Op. 85Dentistry Music (1998) for Flute and Piano
Op. 501Distant Glittering Orbs (2003) for Alto Flute
Op. 1304Epistle Sonata (2018) for Flute and Organ
Op. 318Epitaph of Seikilos (2001) for Clarinet (or Flute), Alto Saxophone, Euphonium
Op. 691Flute Concerto (2006) for Solo Flute and Orchestra
Op. 1163Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit (2016) for Baritone, Alto Recorder (or Flute), and Organ
Op. 906In memoriam Liana Alexandra (2011) for Flute and Two Gongs
Op. 232Invocation (2000) for Alto Flute and Organ
Op. 229Invocation (2000) for Solo Flute and String Orchestra
Op. 198Invocation (1999-2000) for Flute and Organ
Op. 202Lullaby for Morgan and Alyssa (2000) for Flute
Op. 980Madrigal II (2012) for Flute and Hammerchord
Op. 526Partita (2003) for Baroque Flute
Op. 225Quicksilver: A Birthday Card for Berio (2000) for Flute
Op. 1344Scherzetto (2019) for Flute and Organ
Op. 651Sonata for Flute and Piano (2005) for Flute and Piano
Op. 705Sonata in memoriam Daniel Pinkham (2007) for Flute
Op. 632Trois Mélodies Modales (2005) for Flute (young performers)
Op. 235Viewpoints (2001) for Three Flutes
Op. 570Waiting for October (2004) for Flute and Guitar