Works for Cello

Op. 901Actaeon (Clausula IV) (2011) for Cello
Op. 804An Angel Song (2009) for SATB Chorus and Cello
Op. 1102Cantique (2010/15) for Piano Trio
Op. 698Clausula (2006) for Cello
Op. 738Clausula II (2007) for Cello
Op. 748Clausula III (2007) for Cello
Op. 306Enchanted Gardens (2001) for Cello and Piano
Op. 1137Epigram (in memoriam Steven Stucky) (2016) for Cello and Chamber Orchestra
Op. 153Lagniappe (1999) for Three Violins and Cello or String Quartet (arr. 2000)
Op. 243Lairs of Flavor (2001) for Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano
Op. 398Light Inaccessible (2002) for Two Cellos
Op. 710Lyric Trio for Trumpet, Cello, and Piano (2007) for Trumpet, Cello, Piano
Op. 968Morning at Brant Point (2012) for Viola and Cello
Op. 92Paradoxes: Sonata for Cello and Piano (1998) for Cello and Piano
Op. 122Plainsong Variations (1999) for Cello
Op. 388Pooh’s Serenade (2002) for Bassoon, Cello, Piano
Op. 975Rhapsody on a Hungarian Folk Song (2012) for Cello
Op. 1092Sophronia Variations (2014) for Cello
Op. 711Springburst (2007) for Piano Trio
Op. 499Summer Song (2003) for Cello
Op. 1116Treasury of Blessings (2015) for SATB Chorus, Hand Drum, and Cello
Op. 783Two Dawn Hymns (2008) for Cello and Piano
Op. 1179Two Memory Places (2014) for Bass Clef Instrument (Cello, Bassoon, Trombone, etc.)
Op. 965Two Songs Without Words (2012) for Violin and Cello
Op. 786Un regard éloigne (2008) for Flugelhorn and Cello