Works for Saxophone

Op. 627Ancient Airs (2005) for Soprano Saxophone
Op. 379As to the Sun (2002) for Alto Saxophone
Op. 563Beckoning Summer (2004) for Alto Saxophone
Op. 94Chanson d’Amour (1999) for Any Saxophone
Op. 630Cinq Croquis (2005) for Any Saxophone (young performers)
Op. 110Concerto for Bass Saxophone and Strings (1999) for Solo Bass Saxophone and String Orchestra
Op. 403Dances of the Holy Fool: Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2002) for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Op. 631Duet Suite (2005) for Two Like Saxophones (young performers)
Op. 318Epitaph of Seikilos (2001) for Clarinet (or Flute), Alto Saxophone, Euphonium
Op. 208Fantasia on American Hymns (1999-2000) for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Op. 637Fantasy Variations (2005) for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Op. 625Frequent Flyer (2005) for Alto Saxophone, Marimba, Piano
Op. 254Goggles (1999-2001) for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Op. 688I Have Seen the Lord: a Mary Magdalene Sequence (2006) for SATB Chorus, Alto Saxophone, Organ
Op. 390In the Fire of Images: Three Etudes (2002) for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Op. 823Moon Dance (2009) for Soprano or Alto Saxophone
Op. 700Moon Shards (2007) for Alto Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, Piano
Op. 867October Serenade (2010) for Soprano Saxophone and Guitar
Op. 384Of Songs and Swirls: Four Lyric Pieces (2002) for Soprano Saxophone and Piano
Op. 382Passion Canticle (2002) for Soprano Saxophone (with tubular bell)
Op. 1283Peace Canticle (2018) for Solo Treble Instrument and Organ
Op. 410Polpis Dreaming (2002) for Contrabass Saxophone and Piano
Op. 1011Prayer of St. Ambrose (2003) for Alto Saxophone and Organ
Op. 1106Quasquicentennial Fanfare (2015) for Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, and Three Trombones
Op. 612Road of Light (2005) for Saxophone Quartet
Op. 1043Saxoconne (2013) for Saxophone
Op. 385Silent Prisms (2002) for Tenor Saxophone and Piano
Op. 866Spring Lyric (2010) for Alto Saxophone and Guitar
Op. 530Too Upset for Words (2003) for Alto Saxophone (or Clarinet), Guitar, and Piano
Op. 899Trio Solaris (2010) for Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Piano