Opus 867

October Serenade (2010)

for Soprano Saxophone and Guitar

Duration: 5 min.

Dedication: for Paul Wehage

Commission: Commissioned by Paul Wehage

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Performance materials available from the publisher.

October Serenade (2010) for soprano saxophone and guitar is dedicated to Paul Wehage.

The work was inspired by the season of autumn and harvest in western New York State—particularly the colors of the foliage and landscape.

The opening section of the work is rhapsodic, as each instrument explores a series of soloistic gestures. This leads directly into a lyrical aria sung first by the saxophone over a guitar accompaniment—then briefly by the guitar. Suddenly, a joyous harvest-dance erupts. This ends rather abruptly and a rhapsodic coda emerges, but a bit of the harvest-dance returns for a energetic finish.