Opus 404

Voices of the Trumpet (2002)

for Trumpet and Piano

  • Prelude
  • Aria
  • Rondino

Duration: 7 min.

Dedication: for Colby

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Voices of the Trumpet (2002) for trumpet and organ or piano is a three-movement suite.  It was written for and is dedicated to trumpeter Colby Cooman.  The three movements are each prefaced with a Old Testament Bible quotation relating to the use of the trumpet.

The first movement, Prelude, is slow and meditative—with dramatic “fanfare” outbursts.  The second movement, Aria, is reposed and lyrical.  The third movement, Rondino, is energetic and vital.

The work is designed to be useful both in a worship service context (perhaps using the three movements as prelude, offertory, and postlude) and as a recital piece.

N.B.: Though the trumpet part is identical, the piano and organ accompaniments are not. Both accompaniments are included.