Opus 1045

Two Shakespeare Settings (2013)

for Baritone and Piano

Text by William Shakespeare

  • To Reason Thus
  • In the Winter’s Pale

Duration: 3 min.

Dedication: for Tom Lovering

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Two Shakespeare Settings (2013) for baritone and piano was composed for Tom Lovering. Both texts are brief excerpts from plays by William Shakespeare (1564–1616).

from Richard II (c. 1595):

All the places that the eye of heaven visits
Are to a wise man ports and happy havens.
Teach thy necessity to reason thus;
There is no virtue like necessity.


from The Winter’s Tale (c. 1610):

When the daffodils begin to peer,
With heigh! the doxy over the dale,
Why, then comes in the sweet o’ the year;
For the red blood reigns in the winter’s pale.