Works for String Quartet

Op. 510Canalscape: Soliloquy for String Quartet (2003) for String Quartet5.25 min.

Dedication: for the Fairport High School String Quartet

Commission: Commissioned by the Harvard Club of Rochester

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 614Downpour (2005) for SATB Chorus and String Quartet4 min.

Text by Kathleen Wakefield

Madrigalia; Gibbs & Main; Roger Wilhelm, conductor

Dedication: for Roger Wilhelm and Madrigalia

Commission: Commissioned by Madrigalia

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 618Folk Fantasies (2005) for Solo Euphonium, String Quartet, Percussion12 min.
  • Highland Ballad (Scotland)
  • Ceremonial (Nigeria)
  • Circle Dance (America)

Dedication: for Matthew Murchison

Commission: Commissioned by Matthew Murchison

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 519Four Aphoristic Inventions (2003) for String Quartet4 min.
  • Disparate Conversation
  • Mountain Climber (Unyielding Peak)
  • Wishing Well
  • Guillotine

Dedication: for Elliott Gyger

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 153Lagniappe (1999) for Three Violins and Cello or String Quartet (arr. 2000)1.25 min.

Dedication: for the Dallas String Quartet

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 193Light in the Morning (Third String Quartet) (2000) for String Quartet7 min.

Ukrainian Quartet

Dedication: for the London Chamber Group

Commission: Commissioned by the London Chamber Group for the British Library

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 1259Overture concertante (2018) for Organ and Strings (quartet, quintet, or orchestra)6 min.

Dedication: for Betty and Bill English

Publisher: Zimbel Press/Subito Music Corp.

Op. 764Quintet for Bassoon and Strings (2005-08) for Bassoon and String Quartet13 min.

Roman Mesina, bassoon; Zwiebel Quartet

Dedication: for Klaus Heymann

Commission: Commissioned by The Commission Project

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 175Quintet for Trumpet and Strings (1999) for Trumpet and String Quartet16 min.

Dedication: for Al, Lisa, Albert, and Nicholas

Commission: Commissioned for the Williamson Glen Chamber Music Series (Canada) by Loretta and Taylor Burke

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 461Sankaty Dreaming (String Quartet No. 4) (2002) for String Quartet10.75 min.
  • Capriccio
  • Elegy and Arias

Dedication: in memory of the lives claimed by the sea

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 685Shining Space: Quintet for Horn and Strings (2006) for Horn and String Quartet17 min.
  • Bright Morning Sky
  • I Am the Vine
  • Chasing Windflower

Dedication: for Hazel Dean Davis and Stephen Hackbarth, in celebration of their marriage, June 24, 2006

Commission: Commissioned by Hazel Dean Davis and Stephen Hackbarth

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 541Tombeau-Aria (2003) for String Quartet3 min.

Dedication: in memory of Meyer Kupferman

Commission: Commissioned for the Premieres Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine

Publisher: Musik Fabrik