Opus 193

Light in the Morning (Third String Quartet) (2000)

for String Quartet

Ukrainian Quartet

Duration: 7 min.

Dedication: for the London Chamber Group

Commission: Commissioned by the London Chamber Group for the British Library

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Light in the Morning (Third String Quartet) (2000) was commissioned by and is dedicated to London Chamber Group which premiered the work at the British Library.

As the work’s title would indicate, “light” and specifically, “morning light”, was the starting point for the conception of this piece. The work is in three sections: two slow ones framing a fast one. The work’s material is derived from the opening plainchant-like motive over a pedal tone.

[Tonally, the piece follows a linking tonal center pattern of E-Db-E-C-E. (These three pitches make up the pitch class set 3-3 [vector 101100]. The vector number plays a role in the structure of the sections). The “tonality rondo” that occurs (the return of the “E” center) firmly establishes that as the reference pitch, to which all others are compared and contrasted.]