Works for Guitar

Op. 453Dionis Dreaming (2002) for Mandolin and Guitar
Op. 581Dionis Dreaming (2004) for Two Guitars
Op. 584Giant Colored Bird (2004) for Guitar
Op. 1352Inside Voices (2020) for Electric Guitar and Organ
Op. 867October Serenade (2010) for Soprano Saxophone and Guitar
Op. 239Prayers (2001) for Guitar and Organ
Op. 866Spring Lyric (2010) for Alto Saxophone and Guitar
Op. 671This Dusk (2005) for Mezzo-Soprano and Guitar
Op. 530Too Upset for Words (2003) for Alto Saxophone (or Clarinet), Guitar, and Piano
Op. 555Two Fragments (2004) for Guitar Quartet
Op. 768Unfolding the Gates of Dawn (2008) for Guitar
Op. 570Waiting for October (2004) for Flute and Guitar
Op. 527Windswept: Legend of Sea and Sky (2003) for Violin and Guitar