Works for Percussion

Op. 971A Prayer in Spring (2012) for Soprano and Marimba3 min.

Text by Robert Frost

Dedication: for Sonja Tengblad and Jonathan Hess, on their marriage

Publisher: SMP Press

Op. 829Beach Grass Elegy (2009) for Flute4 min.

Ashley Addington, flute

Dedication: for New Music Hartford and Ashley Addington

Commission: Commissioned by New Music Hartford

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 933Bearing (2011) for Glockenspiel (Orchestra Bells)5 min.

Jonathan Hess, glockenspiel

Dedication: for Stuart Saunders Smith

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 1166Bells for Pauline (2016) for Chimes (Tubular) and Clarinet11 min.

Dedication: in memoriam Pauline Oliveros (1932–2016)

Publisher: Soundspells Productions

Op. 600Cerulean: Double Percussion Concerto (2005) for Two Solo Percussionists and Ensemble
11.5 min.
  • Different Purposes
  • Different Porpoises

Cory Cousins and Mike Perdue, percussion; Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble; Walter Morales, conductor

Dedication: for Cory Cousins, Mike Perdue, and the Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble, Walter Morales, director and for Howard Stokar

Commission: Commissioned by the Carnegie Mellon School of Music

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 625Frequent Flyer (2005) for Alto Saxophone, Marimba, Piano5.5 min.

Dedication: for Fireworks

Commission: Commissioned for Fireworks and the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 184Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear (2000) for Clarinet, Trumpet, Xylophone, Piano4 min.

Dedication: for Stephen Lias and the Kilgore College New Music Ensemble

Commission: Commissioned by the Kilgore College New Music Ensemble

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 906In memoriam Liana Alexandra (2011) for Flute and Two Gongs3.5 min.

Amalia Iordache, flute; Ilinca Lorencz, percussion

Dedication: for Vox Novus

Publisher: Soundspells Productions

Op. 700Moon Shards (2007) for Alto Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, Piano14 min.

IHS Ensemble

Dedication: for Andrew Pelletier

Commission: Commissioned by and dedicated to Andrew Pelletier, funded in part by the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music at the College of Musical Arts of Bowling Green State University and the Meir Rimon Commissioning Assistance Program of the International Horn Society.

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 1370Night Wind (2021) for Vibraphone and Four Flowerpots (one player)4.5 min.

Dedication: for Peter Jarvis

Commission: Commissioned by Peter Jarvis

Op. 1031Sourdough Serenade (2013) for Trumpet and Glockenspiel5 min.
  • Waiting
  • Rising

Dedication: for Jonah Kappraff on his 30th birthday

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 833Surly Bonds (2009) for Drum Set3.5 min.

Jonathan Hess, drum set

Dedication: for Peter Jarvis

Commission: Commissioned by Peter Jarvis and Calabrese Brothers Music, LLC

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 1116Treasury of Blessings (2015) for SATB Chorus, Hand Drum, and Cello3 min.

Text from the Orthodox Trisagion Prayers

Dedication: in gratitude for the ministry of the Rev. Donald J. Schell as Interim Rector (2014–15)

Commission: Commissioned by the parish of Christ Episcopal Church, Portola Valley and Woodside, California

Op. 769Where All the Ladders Start (2008) for Trumpet and Vibraphone4 min.

Dedication: for Louis Ranger

Publisher: Musik Fabrik