Works for Percussion

Op. 971A Prayer in Spring (2012) for Soprano and Marimba
Op. 829Beach Grass Elegy (2009) for Flute
Op. 933Bearing (2011) for Glockenspiel (Orchestra Bells)
Op. 1166Bells for Pauline (2016) for Chimes (Tubular) and Clarinet
Op. 600Cerulean: Double Percussion Concerto (2005) for Two Solo Percussionists and Ensemble
Op. 625Frequent Flyer (2005) for Alto Saxophone, Marimba, Piano
Op. 184Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear (2000) for Clarinet, Trumpet, Xylophone, Piano
Op. 906In memoriam Liana Alexandra (2011) for Flute and Two Gongs
Op. 700Moon Shards (2007) for Alto Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, Piano
Op. 1370Night Wind (2021) for Vibraphone and Four Flowerpots (one player)
Op. 1031Sourdough Serenade (2013) for Trumpet and Glockenspiel
Op. 833Surly Bonds (2009) for Drum Set
Op. 1116Treasury of Blessings (2015) for SATB Chorus, Hand Drum, and Cello
Op. 769Where All the Ladders Start (2008) for Trumpet and Vibraphone