Works for Horn

Op. 582Canzona (2004) for Horn Sextet
Op. 813Elegies (2009) for Two Horns
Op. 474Enchanted Pathways: Concerto for Horn and Ensemble (2002) for Solo Horn and Ensemble
Op. 660Giant Colored Bird III (2005-06) for Horn Octet
Op. 572Horn Trio (2004) for Violin, Horn, Piano
Op. 745In the Midst of Wild Being (2007) for SATB Chorus, Horn, Harp
Op. 700Moon Shards (2007) for Alto Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, Piano
Op. 246Of Ice and Silver Swans (2001) for Horn and Piano
Op. 903Prelude Modale (2011) for Two Horns and Organ
Op. 920Quiet Hocket (2011) for Horn and Harp
Op. 736River Song: Remembering Dennis Abelson (2007) for Horn
Op. 685Shining Space: Quintet for Horn and Strings (2006) for Horn and String Quartet
Op. 853Sun-loom (2009) for Trumpet, Horn, Piano
Op. 523Turning Sunwards (2003) for Horn