Opus 1497

The Moon Walrus Carol (2022)

for Voice(s)

Text by OpenAI’s ChatGPT (with C.C.)

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Duration: 1.5 min.

Publisher: free download

The text of this Christmas carol was generated by means of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

1. Good sirs within this Christmas hall,
We sing a joyous tune.
The reason for the season is
A walrus on the moon.
He looked down from his lunar perch
And saw the world below:
A place of love and joy and cheer,
A world he did not know.

2. And so he made a grand descent,
To see what he could find,
A world of Christmas magic there,
A world that was so kind.
He wandered through the snowy streets,
A creature out of place,
But still he found a home with us—
a smile on every face.

3. And so this beast with shiny tusks
Became some Christmas lore:
A legend here like Santa Claus,
Whose Christmas we adore.
So let us raise our voices high,
And sing with all our might,
“The walrus on the moon has come,
and Christmas now is bright!”