Opus 1498

Soden (2022)

Hymn Tune (6686 6686)

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Dedication: in memoriam Thomas H. Troeger (1945–2022)

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I pray to be a star,
a compass point of light
that they who journey wide and far
can follow night by night.

I pray to be a star
that at the end of day
comes out to hold hope’s door ajar
and bid them on their way.

I pray to be a star
that gives sufficient light
to scatter shadows that would bar
the road ahead from sight.

I pray to be a star,
and like the star that shone
to guide the magi from afar,
I pray to make Christ known.

Thomas H. Troeger (1945–2022)
© 2015 Oxford University Press (from Song That Blesses Earth)