Opus 998

Quidnet Morning Loop (2013)

for Any Combination of Instruments

Negative Zed

Michael Calabris, synthesizers

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Duration: 4+ min.

Dedication: for Karen and Douglas

Publisher: Soundspells Productions

Contact the composer regarding perusal or performance materials.

Quidnet Morning Loop is an evocation of an early morning at the beach at Quidnet (a region of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts). From a single vantage point, one can see both the serene beauty of Sesachacha Pond and the ocean.

The piece may be performed by any combination of instruments.

The score and all performance instructions for this work are printed on the front (score) and back (instructions) of a single 5×7″ postcard. Physical copies of the postcard suitable for mailing may be obtained from the composer. (A free PDF is linked above.)