Opus 988

Three Psalm Monodies (2012)

for Vocal/Choral Monody

Text from the Bible: from Psalm 96 and 119

Matthew Curtis/Choral Tracks LLC

Duration: 2 min.

Dedication: for Roger Lee Hall

Publisher: Zimbel Press/Subito Music Corp.

Performance materials available from the publisher.

These three brief pieces were inspired by the Shakers, whose many thousands of songs were sung unaccompanied. For the first hundred years of their society, Shaker songs were always monophonic. Though the music of these monodies is not in a Shaker style, they are meant to be sung by soloists, choirs, and/or congregations without accompaniment. Many musicians have become afraid of simply presenting a melody on its own, without the support underneath of vocal harmony and/or instrumental accompaniment. The Shakers’ strong belief in simplicity and directness of expression is a valuable mindset to re-claim, even for non-Shaker music.