Wind Ensemble/Band Works

Op. 579Dawn Game (2004) for Wind Ensemble
3+Picc.2.3+Bcl.2.AATBar saxes/
6.5 min.

Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble; Denis Colwell, conductor

Dedication: for Denis Colwell and the Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble

Commission: Commissioned for the Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing

Op. 762Enchanted Tracings (Piano Concerto No. 2) (2008) for Solo Piano and Wind Ensemble
15 min.
  • Murky Waters
  • The Forgotten
  • Casting Infinity

Dedication: for Walter Simmons, a hero for the cause of American music

Commission: Commissioned for Donna Amato, piano, the Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble, Denis Colwell, conductor; Keith Kirchoff, piano, the Harvard Wind Ensemble, Thomas G. Everett, Mark Olson, conductors; and Nora Skuta, piano, the Slovak Radio Symphony Winds, Kirk Trevor, conductor

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 725Fanfare for DGF (2007) for Band0.5 min.

Harvard Wind Ensemble; Thomas Everett, conductor

Dedication: for Drew Gilpin Faust on her inauguration as the 28th president of Harvard University

Commission: Commissioned by the Harvard Band Foundation

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 565Fantasy on “Nassau” (2004) for Organ and Four-Part Band4.5 min.

Dedication: for Wayne Leupold and Kernersville Moravian Church, Kernersville, NC

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 750Pittsburgh Rhapsody (2008) for Brass Band11 min.
  • Tributaries
  • Memorial Song
  • Bridges to the Sky

Dedication: in celebration of the 250th anniversary of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with support from the Pittsburgh 250 Community Connections Committee

Commission: Commissioned by the River City Brass Band, Denis Colwell, music director

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Op. 163The Great Wilno (1999) for Solo Piano and Wind Ensemble saxes/
2 min.

Dedication: for Robert Blake, Bob Stata, and the Allendale Columbia Wind Ensemble

Commission: Commissioned by Bob Stata

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing