Works for Men's Chorus

Op. 1062Aequam memento rebus (2014) for 2-part Canon
Op. 1037An Heavenly Song (2013) for TB Voices and Organ
Op. 751Echoing Carols (2007) for 2-part Voices and 2-part Accompaniment (keyboard or other instruments)
Op. 1012From Your Heart (2013) for 4-part Canon
Op. 910Give Me (2011) for 4-part Canon
Op. 1103I Am Loved as I Love (2015) for 2-part Voices and Drone
Op. 909Kyrie (2011) for Unison Voices and Clarinet
Op. 941Leap into Love (2011) for 3-part Canon
Op. 977Morning Star (2012) for 2-part Voices and Hammerchord
Op. 1126Nowel: Owt of your slepe aryse (2015) for 3-part Voices (non-mixed) Unaccompanied
Op. 1008One Word (2013) for 3-part Canon
Op. 877The Appleton Amens (2007-10) for 2-part Non-mixed Voices (SA or TB) and 4-part Voices Unaccompanied
Op. 767The Appleton Motets (2008) for 2-part Voices (non-mixed) Unaccompanied
Op. 988Three Psalm Monodies (2012) for Vocal/Choral Monody