Opus 873

Wherein Our Blessings Stand (2010)

for SATB Chorus Unaccompanied

Text by John Cotton

Harvard Choral Fellows; Carson Cooman, conductor

Duration: 1.75 min.

Dedication: in memory of Richard W. Paine (1924-2010)

Commission: Commissioned by the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston, Massachusetts

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Wherein Our Blessings Stand (2001) was composed in memory of Richard W. Paine (1924–2010), a longtime member of the daily congregation at The Memorial Church at Harvard University. The work was premiered by the Choral Fellows of the Harvard University Choir under the direction of the composer.

“Suffer,” saith Christ, “your little ones to come forth [me unto]; for of such ones my kingdom is, of grace and glory too.” We do not only suffer them, but offer them to thee; now, blessed Lord, let us believe, accepted that they be: That thou hast took them in thine arms, and on them put thine hand, and blessed them with sight of thee, wherein our blessings stand.

An Epitaph for Roland and Sara Cotton (1649), John Cotton (1585–1652)