Opus 144

Trinity Matins (1999)

for Organ

Duration: 7 min.

Dedication: for John Rose

Publisher: Conners Publications

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Trinity Matins (1999) is based on the Trinitarian York plainchant, Ave Colenda Trinitas (“All Hail Adored Trinity”) and is a true meditation on the text of the chant that celebrates the mystery of the Holy Trinity. The work is ethereal and contemplative in nature and explores the plainchant material both in its traditional format as well as in a format transformed by the workings of magic squares. When performing the work, it is recommended that the plainchant (printed at the top of the score) be played through first, and then, after a short break, the work itself be played. Trinity Matins was written for John Rose, organist for many years at Trinity College (Hartford, Connecticut).