Opus 1232

Three Sound-Poems after Paintings by Andreas Willscher (2017)

for Organ

  • Sonnenfeld (Sun Field)
  • Gebet des Hl. Franziskus (Prayer of St. Francis)
  • Laetare (Rejoice)

Duration: 11 min.

Dedication: for Philip Hartmann and the art-loving community of the Pauluskirche, Ulm, Germany

Publisher: Zimbel Press/Subito Music Corp.

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Three Sound-Poems after Paintings by Andreas Willscher (2017) are dedicated to organist Philip Hartmann and the “art-loving community” of the Pauluskirche in Ulm, Germany. The music is inspired by three paintings by German composer (and artist) Andreas Willscher (b. 1955). The pieces take their musical shapes and colors from the specific details of the paintings. The three paintings represent different styles: a landscape, a religious theme, and an abstract.

The first movement, Sonnenfeld (Sun Field), is inspired by a bright painting of the sun illuminating the green field behind the composer’s small house in Sainte-Radegonde (Dordogne/Périgord, France). A resplendent and majestic section of full “sun” harmonies surrounds a middle section with more motion.

The second movement, Gebet des Hl. Franziskus (Prayer of St. Francis), is inspired by a painting showing St. Francis of Assisi in prayer. Francis has been a frequent theme in Willscher’s music since his appointment at a young age as organist of St. Francis Church in Hamburg.

The third movement, Laetare (Rejoice), is inspired by an vibrant abstract painting comprised of bold colors. The alternation of the blocks of rich color are mirrored in the block harmonic shifts in the movement, which is a moto perpetuo, building towards the organ’s fullest sounds.