Opus 1079

Three Renaissance Dances (2014)

for Keyboard

  • Pavane
  • Tordion
  • Allemande

Matthew McConnell, harpsichord

Erik Simmons, organ

Matthew McConnell, organ

Duration: 6 min.

Dedication: for Matthew McConnell

Publisher: Zimbel Press/Subito Music Corp.

Performance materials available from the publisher.

These three dances are inspired by Renaissance forms, although they employ a harmonic and melodic language that blends allusions to Renaissance harmony with more contemporary elements.

A pavane is a slow, processional dance in duple meter; historically it was often accompanied by a tabor (drum) that emphasized the rhythm of the bass.

A tordion is a lively dance in triple meter that was often described as a more rapid galliard.

An allemande is a moderate tempo, duple meter dance of serious character that became an instrumental form often used in deeply expressive music, such as the tombeau.

These dances may be played on any keyboard instrument. Organ and harpsichord are the most likely candidates, but performance on clavichord, harmonium, reed organ, piano, or even electronic keyboard is also possible.