Opus 785

Sonnets for Two Trumpets (2008)

for Two Trumpets

  • Song (for Chris Gekker)
  • Dance (for Mark Boren)
  • Chorale (for Bruce Briney)
  • Estampie (for Colby Cooman)
  • Prayer (in memory of Michael Ewald)

Duration: 10 min.

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Sonnets for Two Trumpets (2008) is a suite of lyrical movements. The opening movement, Song, decorates a modal melody with arabesque figurations. The second movement, Dance, bounces a syncopated melody back and forth between the players. The third movement, Chorale, is fervent and stately. The fourth movement, Estampie, is fast and energetic. The fifth movement, Prayer, is sad, yet hopeful.