Opus 531

Reclimbing Mayflower Hill (2003)

for Trumpet and Stereo Tape

Chrix Finne, trumpet

Duration: 2.75 min.

Dedication: for Colby

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Reclimbing Mayflower Hill (2003) for trumpet and tape is based on an earlier work for unaccompanied trumpet, Music from Mayflower Hill (2001). Both works are dedicated to trumpeter Colby Cooman.

The music of the earlier piece is reconceived and re-imagined in the trumpet part of the newer work. The tape part was composed entirely from manipulated excerpts from a recording of the earlier trumpet work. The Mayflower Hill of the title is the place upon which Colby College of Waterville, Maine sits. This was the site of composition of the original piece.