Opus 1149

O Come: Three Hymn Fantasies (2016)

for Organ

Erik Simmons, organ

Duration: 11 min.

Dedication: (various)

Commission: Commissioned by Nick Wilson

Publisher: The Sacred Music Press in "Antiphonies"

Performance materials available from the publisher.

O Come: Three Hymn Fantasies (2016) was commissioned by Nick Wilson. Each movement bears a dedication chosen by Dr. Wilson. The three hymns are connected via their English texts, all of which begin with the vocative “Come.”

Nettleton (“Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”) is dedicated “in memory of Judy Wilson — my first musical mentor and the most amazing Mom I could have ever hoped for.” Dr. Wilson’s mother was a church pianist and piano teacher. She continued to play the piano in church until very shortly before her death in 2011.

Veni Emmanuel (“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”) is dedicated “in honor of Ruby Moultrie and Wilma Turner Rhyne — who taught me as much about life as music.” The dedicatees were Dr. Wilson’s first college teachers.

Veni Creator Spiritus (“Come, Creator Spirit”) is dedicated “in honor of Julie Wyrick — whose fiery passion is contagious!” The dedicatee has a special affinity for this well-known plainchant melody; her doctoral dissertation traced its use in organ music throughout history.