Opus 1535

Narcissus (2024)

for Organ

Duration: 8 min.

Dedication: for Thomas Sheehan

Publisher: Zimbel Press/Subito Music Corp.

Performance materials available from the publisher.

“Was there ever a love
As cruel as mine?
Was there ever a love
As futureless as mine?”

from Tales from Ovid (1997) by Ted Hughes (1930–1998)


“The time has come, the season’s right
to set cool Vengeance’s torch alight.
Let Fortune’s wheel begin to turn,
let Kindness ebb, Soft Hearts adjourn.

May Narcissus be immersed
in deep Desire, well rehearsed
in Hopefulness, Pleasure reigning,
Heart’s illusion Hope sustaining.

Then let him feel Neglect’s cold weight,
let Vacuum Fondness suffocate.
Let Obsession play her chord
Frustration draws her bitter sword.

Then Narcissus, harshly taugth,
shall join us in the void he wrought.”

from Narcissus (1994) by James Woodman (b. 1957)